Meet Karla Richey, publisher of "Miami Kids Magazine"

Miami Kids Publisher’s Notes

The Love of a mother is so unique and only you realize the importance of a mom when you become one. When I become a mom, I started to see life in a different perspective, my priorities changed, and I gained more respect for my mom. Just a few days ago I lost my
grandmother. She was a special person in my life. When I was a child, she used to take me on weekend rides, she used to cook, sing, dance, make jokes with me, and those
memories are the one that will last forever. I want to dedicate this issue to her and my mother who is always giving me her support and love. Also, to all the moms and grand mothers who are reading the magazine, thank you for their dedication, sacrifice and love to their children.

On the cover page of this Mother’s Day issue we have Mariana Rodriguez with her family. She is telling us how much she loves her daughter Valerie and stepsons Manny Jr. and Nico. Don’t miss the full interview on page 20.

April is National Autism Awareness Month, and we feel proud to be an inclusive magazine. Let’s share our good vibes to members of our community who have an autism relative in their families. Check out page 34 for a great article.

It is very important to take care of our health as parents and on page 11 we have a great article on how to prevent a stroke. May is National Prevention Stroke Month and it is
important to have a healthy lifestyle to prevent a stroke.

These days we are being aware of the Corona Virus and how fast it is spreading around the world. Please don’t panic! With well care and information, we can get prepared in case many more cases are detected in our community. Read a great article on page 19. Also check out our web page often for weekly updates.

Don’t miss our Summer Camp Guide Number 2 sponsored by iSwim Academy on page 22. Let’s get prepared and start searching for the best camps for our little ones. I wish you all a great Easter Celebration and a Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms.

Karla C. Richey

Karla and Valeria are wearing Lilly Pulitzer Merrick Park.
Location: Gaylords Palm
Photography: Gaylord Palms