Meet Karla Richey, publisher of "Miami Kids Magazine"

Miami Kids Publisher’s Notes

The Holiday season is here! We enjoy festive songs, beautiful decorations, and the vision of the children meeting with the big fat guy who wears a red outfit and has a white beard. We also come together with family members at the dinner table to enjoy a delicious meal! What
a magical time of the year! In this issue, we wanted to provide you with great articles to make your holiday season unforgettable.
On the front cover, we have celebrity meteorologist Vivian Gonzales from Channel 7 News and her beautiful family. Vivian is a talented woman who is raising a bilingual daughter with her husband Jorge. Don’t miss the full article on pages 20 and 21. 
MKM wants to contribute in an active and festive way to the magic of the holiday season so we created our own Christmas song. The objective of our song and also the video clip is to teach our children that during the year, and especially during this time of the
year when we receive presents, that we should take time to plan how we can help less
fortunate families by making their day special. Giving back is so important and teaching this to our kids at a young age will start a good tradition that will last generations. I want to invite you to watch the video and to download the song from our web page. We hope that you can listen to the song with your family.

We are going to start a new year soon, so we wanted to provide you with a Kids Party
Fun Guide to use as a good resource for different ideas as to where to celebrate your kids’
birthday party! Save the guide and have it handy for when it’s time to celebrate your kid's big day.

Let’s end this year visiting many attractions in Florida where you can enjoy their Christmas
spirit. Check out page 30 of our Holiday Activity Guide and get ready to welcome 2020
together as a family with the objective to set a great example for our kids and our community.

Karla C. Richey

Karla and Valeria are wearing Lilly Pulitzer Merrick Park.
Location: Gaylords Palm
Photography: Gaylord Palms