What does summer mean to you?

Are you lounging yet? You do live in Miami right? You do realize that the Miami summer is unlike any other summer on earth? You are allowed to lounge here.

Its written in the by-laws by George Washington himself. I know these things… LOL!!! You are allowed to lounge, both in Miami and out of it. It is a vital part of our existence.

Work hard, play hard, rest a little bit here and there, stop and make sure to smell the roses and the coffee, and repeat. Easy enough, but so often, we the adults, we the parents, forget it is time to chill. It is actually worked into the schedule. And for most industries (except mine) summer time is more of a down time. It is when many people take time off from work to travel, to visit family, to go see the mouse and his Jedi friends, etc. First and foremost, your kids will be so appreciative. The bad news is they won’t thank you for 20-40 years, and they may never thank you fully.

However, giving up a little bit of you this summer, giving up a little bit of control, allowing the lounge factor to take over, well, that’s a good thing. Secondly, your spouse will be so appreciative, and the bad news, see above. BUT!!! Thridly, future YOU will be SO appreciative. Calming down a hair (or maybe a ton) has numerous advantages for your long term health.

The sooner you learn that most stuff really doesn’t matter, the better for your short term health. A year or so ago, my family (wife and 3 children) were up in Pennsylvania visiting family. I am the youngest of all my cousins on my father’s side and I was visiting 2 of my older ones.

Multiple times during our 8 days up there, my cousin Lance would come into the room, while my wife or I was lecturing our children about something, and he would say, well, actually he’d yell, “Hey you kids, stop having fun!” and then he would walk out. Each time it got me thinking, you know, cuz he’s right kinda thing. SMH… I’ve become my dad! (insert crying emoji here) This summer, put your parents to bed and let the kids and yourself, enjoy some extra lounge and fun time. Have a great, fun, and safe summer. Enjoy!!!!

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