Turing the Calendar to a Better 2021

So… are we really ready to say goodbye to 2020?!?!? The year that was supposed to present humanity the clarity of perfect vision. Hahahahahaha, wow, quite the opposite, right? Or was it? 2020 has led my family and me to find new ways to connect. To find new ways to have fun and spend time together without leaving too far, or getting on a plane, or forget it if you want to travel to a new country or continent. 2020 seems like it was the year of stress, not the year of clarity.

Now, as if we haven’t had enough, it’s time for the holidays. The holidays mean family, friends, parties, closeness, food, dessert, and more food. What? More food?!?!?

“The struggle is real bro.” This saying should be up for consideration for Miami’s new motto. My oldest child and my only daughter is about to turn 13 and is looking for some guidance on particular things, specifically from her dad. We decided we would read a bunch of books together and discuss them chapter by chapter. Now, I am not a reader, nor do I often read fiction, so we are reading personal development type books. The first book we started with is called “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson. The premise is, if you do a little bit each day you can achieve greatness fairly easily over time. There is no trick, just consistent quality effort in the best direction forward.

Add the slight edge philosophy to your practice to close out this test of a year. That is how I choose to view 2020. The year of clarity, no doubt in my mind. This year has taught me to not even count my chickens when I have them. At any time, things can change, things can be taken away from you. Whether it something as simple as the freedom to walk down the street with 5 of your closest friends (with or without a mask) to losing a loved one to what you thought was a cold.

Oh, and let's mix in an election during a turbulent (to say the least) time in our great nation. The stress is real bro, the struggle is real bro.

Sit back for a minute and take a deep breath. Learn to breathe more and talk less. It takes practice, and it is so worth it. As you head into this next year and into your next challenge in front of you, wouldn’t you rather do it with clarity? With the clarity you gained in 2020, by simply slowing down and taking a deep breath before moving forward…?

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