The Growth Mindset in Our Youth

"Don’t let school interfere with your education” This misquote was adapted from a Mark Twain.

The idea that school is not synonymous with education, is counterintuitive in our culture. School is a vital part of our education, however, it is only part of a larger life –long process.

"The mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting."

- Plutarch

The #1 tool that you can empower your children with is "The Growth Mindset". This mindset shows that you can and should learn ANYTHING you need to or want to learn! Learning is awesome and should be fun! Curiosity should entice you to ask questions and search for answers. The growth mindset can change your thinking so challenges and failures will be seen as opportunities to learn and grow.

Each of my 25 years of teaching in the traditional classroom was wonderful. I left 3 years ago, though, due to the growth mindset. I wanted to learn new tricks. I began a flourishing tutoring business for private school admission tests. I am able to continue my passion and teach students and assist families in different school choices in Florida and guide them through the overwhelming admissions process while learning skills about running my own business.

I recently met Karla Richey, the publisher of Miami Kids Magazine.I felt an instant connection to Karla because of her passion to assist and inform South Florida families. When Karla asked me to be an educational contributor to this venerable publication, I was delighted for the opportunity.

Feel free to reach out for any academic concerns, K-12 admissions, or standardized test prep. Parenting and schooling can be overwhelming, but we are here to help!

About Josh D’Alemberte

  • Educator for 28 years

  • Born and raised in Miami

  • Private School Admissions Test

  • Master's degree in elementary education

  • Ransom Everglades teacher for 16 years

  • Founder of Who Tutors

Recommended books for Parents:

  • Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck

  • Any TED Talk or book by Ken Robinson

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