Recognizing our Mother’s on Their Special Day

Mother’s Day is an annual reminder of the special relationship that you have with your Moher. Given this year’s unique circumstances with COVID, it forces us to celebrate this special day differently. In “normal" times, it is important to acknowledge these incredible women, but this past year they were forced to add the many additional hats of teacher, IT technician, sports coach, and frequently wrestling referee. They were burdened with having to prepare three meals a day, constant cleaning up, shopping online, and often working their job from home, when able to have access to the family computer.

With preparation and creativity, you can give her the special day she deserves. You can always, with the permission of DAD, shop online. But here are a few suggestions that will only require a cease-fire and truce amongst the siblings that will insure her to smile at her little angels. With Dad’s assistance, (he needs to recognize her also) this list might be helpful for children:

· Secretly borrow her phone and record a loving message for her.

· Print photos off her phone and make a collage or scrapbook.

· Make her breakfast in bed.

· Pack a backyard picnic.

· Select a Netflix movie to watch together, make popcorn and have a discussion afterward.

· Do a museum tour online.

· Wash her car and clean out all the trash you have left inside.

· Use chalk to write a sweet message in the driveway or sidewalk.

· Daughters & Mother- plan a spa day, polish her fingers and toes.

· Work in the garden together. Plant herbs, flowers, or vegetables.

· Find a good receipe you all might like, then make it together.

· Clean your room without being asked to.

· Pack clothes that no longer fit or you don’t wear to donate to charity.

This is just a small list of suggestions to get you started. No one knows her better than you, so you know what she really likes and would enjoy getting or doing with her family. The best part of a family that has isolated together, is that you can give your Mom a big hug. Another reminder, this Mother’s Day is a perfect day to also acknowledge a Grandmother, Special Aunt, Neighbor, or Teacher.

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