Parents, Listen to Your Inner Voice First!

Summer, Summer, summertime, summertime! Like Will Smith reminded us, it is time to “sit back and unwind.” He also said, “Adjust the bass and let the Alpine blast.” As I write this, we are just into March and I am trying to get my mindset into pool parties, sprinklers in the yard, BBQ grills fired up all over town. Wherever your summer leads you, it usually coincides with “chill” or “chillando” as my friends and I would say in my teens. “Let’s just sit back and unwind” the pretty voice in Will’s song reminds me once again.

Allow this season of change to be a season of unwind for you and for your family. The summer is not to ignore things that are required and don’t stop your exercise and mediation programs. Keep the kids washing the dishes. Allow your mind to unwind from the complexities of this world and your life. Permit yourself to chill, both physically and mentally.

Practice letting one thing go this summer that often bothers you, especially about your spouse or your children. What do they do that is SO ANNOYYYYYYIIINNNGGG?!?!?!?!?! Let it go. Decide today, when these issues pop up this summer, that you are going to practice new inner voice talk first. What do you tell yourself when it happens? Change that story. Start with, it is okay, this has happened before, and it will happen again. You can also adjust your expectations. I feel we most often get upset when our expectations are failed to be met. However, how often do you set reasonable expectations and spell them out for your spouse or children to understand? Probably not very often. The truth is, those in your home don’t know that YOU are going to walk through the door when you do… If you struggle to change the inner voice first, try looking at their faces, right after they do the thing, and the instant before you say something in response. I bet their faces tell half of the story.

You can do this. You are worth it. Your family is worth. I have faith in you. Have an awesome summer!

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