Miami Kids Write Letters to Santa Claus

We asked our readers to tell us what good deeds they did during the year and what they would do as a child to help make this world a better place to live. Also, we asked them what they would ask Santa this holiday season and these are their answers:

Ethan Daniel Vizcaino

“This year I have sent clothes to the kids that don’t have in Colombia, I helped my mom taking care my little siblings with her and I have straight As in school!!! I would love to keep giving to kids that don’t have anything!”

⭐️I want to ask Santa if I can work with him to give to all the kids around the world!

Lucianna “Lulu” Mia Gato

My mom and I gave food to the homeless. I donated clothed and toys.

I would recycle, treat people nicely, and give money to charities”.

⭐️ I want to ask Santa LOL dolls, a toy house for the backyard, and beanie boos.

Cayden Bell

“This year was i spent the majority of my time in the house but honestly what I did good was help my cousins that’s in foster home come over to visit and play board games with them to make them feel happy.

I feel like to create a better world we all should do something nice for one another, it doesn't cost anything to spend time and be kind to each other. Little acts of kindness makes a huge difference.”

⭐️I want to ask Santa for Xmas to give me and my 2 cousins (Alex and Corrion) who don't have a father or a mother, a trip to Hawaii and hotel for 2021. They never been anywhere and I'd love to spend this time with them there.

Kayla Torres & Elizabeth Klock Perez

“During the pandemic we were in-house schooling and we also helping on the family business, we were part of every team meeting, giving solutions and creating plans on how the business could survive. We desire to help others and to help make the world a better place” ⭐️Kayla-7 would ask for dolls, dresses, and makeup. Elizabeth-13 would ask for something horse or Parkour related. Ultimately, they would like for our lives to be able to go back to “normal”.

Analia Chery

Although we were in the middle of a pandemic, one good thing that I did this year was teach myself how to sew. I also went to gymnastics after the restrictions were lifted and learned new skills. I know that staying active is also part of being healthy

One way that I would create a better world is to help the homeless find a home and help prevent wildfire because they destroy animal habitats. I would also find a way to stop people from littering because when they litter, the animals get to it and can get seriously hurt.”

⭐️ I would like to ask Santa for the pandemic to end so that we can go back to normal, like the year 2019 was a good year.

Marley Olaya

“I donated some of my toys to other kids, I social distanced, I’ve been being good in school, I gave some of my old clothes to my friend, I helped mommy around the house.

I would help people and I would stop bullies and racist people. I would speak up for others. I would pick up garbage from the floor and stop people who litter. I would make everyone happy.”

⭐️I would like to ask Santa for gifts for other people so we can surprise them. I want my favorite ice cream truck toy, LOL surprise toys, Hatchimals, and Spider-Man toys.

Blaze Eddie Shaw

“This year I started Nursery school and I met some off the lovely little friends, enjoyed the most amazing family time through the whole virus situation. I would love to have a creation on helping make the world a better place and I wish it was about each life and not politics, I’m told each day to be kind love and happiness and be a friend, reach out or even just give a smile (one smile can change someone’s mood if there having a bad day!” ⭐️If Santa could bring me my wish it would be to make the page of your Miami magazine just what an amazing opportunity. A dream come true.

Isabella Godoy

“I have been a good girl, I am a nice with others, I like to help people, I am a good daughter. I study a lot, I always got A because if your study hard when you grow up you can contribute with the world, I filmed some commercials so I work too , I donate toys and clothes to the kids doesn’t has anything, and I recycle to help the planet” ⭐️I want a Nintendo switch and Other American girl!

Jorge Oswaldo Dokmaji-Sandoval

In these difficult times of quarantine, I have taken the opportunity to spend even more time and play with my family, learn many new things at home, draw, watch movies.

I want to make the world a better place, sending a powerful message to promote respect each other with courtesy, empathy. That all the children of the world, may have the possibility of studying, being healthy, and be happy. My family and I at Christmas Time and the rest of the year we always donate clothes, food and toys to those most in need. ⭐️ I’m going to ask Santa to brings me this year a big lightning McQueen and a “sonic” toy with lights.

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