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Meet Mr. Rolando Medina, M.B.A., owner & managing member of A1A Behavioral Health, and his team.

When you first walk into A1A Behavioral Health’s Center in Doral, you feel a calming presence. The colors, the decorations on the walls, the smiling faces, polite staff, children alongside their therapists walking the halls – you realize that everything A1A built has a purpose. A1A was built with one goal in mind: to enhance the quality of life of all those served.

A1A Behavioral Health, a professional healthcare organization, specializes in the delivery of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy. Children who qualify for ABA Therapy are diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Maladaptive Aggression, Developmental Delay, and many other diagnoses. A1A prides itself on having a highly qualified and dedicated team, led by A1A’s Director of Clinical Affairs, Director of A1A Center, along with an exceptional corporate team, Board Certified Behavioral Analysts, Board Certified assistant Behavior Analysts, and Registered Behavior Technicians that cover all aspects of total and complete health.  

Rolando Medina, M.B.A., owner & managing member of A1A, gets inspiration from having the lifelong goal of improving the lives of others. A business owner and health care executive for over 25 years, he feels very blessed to have been an integral part of caring for thousands of patients in 48 states nationwide. He is enormously passionate about ensuring all patients and families served receive the best care and commitment possible. Medina’s philosophy, born out of personal family history and experience, extends to the rest of the A1A family. A closer look into the staff, one will see that A1A team members have family members and loved ones who have special needs, enabling them to directly understand the importance of and fully commit to improving the behavioral health industry.

The Multi-year Milestone

A1A Behavioral Health’s core team has over 75 years of combined and dedicated proven experience in helping enhance the quality of life for their clients and families. A1A continues to strive to provide the best quality of loving, caring, knowledgeable staff, coupled with the best learning environment. This is evident when one tours the A1A Center. The same dedication and approach to care is also seen in the community - where the child is provided a team in order to reach optimal improvement and maximize functioning. In addition to using traditional based behavioral therapy techniques, A1A focuses on total health and well-being of the child and family. This is evident through the support and guidance of A1A’s Medical Director, Nursing, PT, OT service departments.  

Achieving Patient Satisfaction

A1A Behavioral Health’s focus and approach to achieving patient satisfaction is through open communication with all stakeholders. The priority lies in having an honest dialogue with staff, families, and other health disciplines that oversee the child’s care and development. Care plans are customized to meet the individual needs of the child. This mode of communication plays a very important role in making sure delivery of care remains consistent and effective.

A1A’s Mission

One sees the A1A slogan written as follows, enhancing the quality of life of all patients, families, and all those we serve. These words have meaning. Mailyn Fernandez, A1A’s president strives to live by this everyday. Applying that same philosophy to both her professional and personal life, that passion is passed on to the rest of the A1A staff. By achieving this model of care, it allows for the best overall results for the children and families who entrust their care to A1A.

Future Goals

A1A Behavioral Health is proud of the work they have done thus far – having served hundreds of children and families, and continuing to serve hundreds more. They opened a state-of-the-art ABA Therapy center in 2023, a first of its kind in South Florida. Future goals include to continue expanding outpatient care services for children in the community (homes, schools, daycare centers, any location where their needs are best met). A1A is licensed to provide ABA Therapy services throughout the state of Florida. Furthermore, A1A is looking at opening more behavioral health centers, having identified areas of great need. Currently, A1A’s core service location revolves around Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. They will be looking to expand to other geographical areas with the long-term goal of being a valued and trusted provider throughout the entire state.

A1A’s Legacy

A1A Behavioral Health has always strived to live by their mission of enhancing the quality of life of all those served. Medina and Fernandez both agree that is the sole reason why A1A exists. They believe that the care provided by A1A to the children they serve allows them to maximize their potential, thus improving their lives and the lives of all those around them. They acknowledge that A1A is not perfect, however, the organization’s work ethic, dedication to what they do, how they do it and why they do it is unparalleled.


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