Making Summer Fun at Home!

It’s been a long spring, and now with kids out of school, parents are looking for ways to keep kids entertained and happy through the summer.

Which child doesn’t like to build a fort? Or to play hide and seek? These activities will keep children busy for hours of fun. Lakeshore’s has the Ultimate Fort Builder where Children will build the fort of their dream just by attaching the poles to the kid-friendly connectors…then cover with a sheet or blanket for hours of fun.

The modern version of hide & seek is now called Countdown by Pressure Games where you will have to set the timer, hide it and have another player find it! Once they do, they'll have to beat a set of mini games to stop the clock and win. Countdown is active gaming fun for the whole family!

Rolling out the adventures, we have the classics robots. A real-moving robot that kids can design themself with a remote-control is called “Gear-Bot”. Just by connecting any combination of gears, claws, heads and more to a motorized base… the remote will direct the robot to roll and turn in any direction. A super toy from Lakeshore’s.

A quick game of smart questions is Guess 10 from Masters Games, were players ask up to 10 questions to guess the item shown on the game card. Each card features hints and clues. From animals, to places and modes of transportation, to countries, kids will have fun while learning.

Another portable game is Bellz! Just open the travel pouch and you’re ready to play. Use the magnet wand to pick up all ten bells of one color. If you pick up the wrong color, you must start over! The first player to collect all their colored bells wins!

Take a dip in your very own backyard with Malibu Barbie Dream pool. Cool off as you wiggle your toes in the water and imagine yourself basking under the Malibu sun. This oversized 66’’ diameter is large enough for two adults or multiple kids, will be a must this Summer.

Another good outdoor activity is to rock with the Dome Rocker inflatable, where your child will roll, tilt, climb, and bounce on this exclusive inflatable rocking sphere from Heart Song. This is a great way to engage in active play and build strength while having fun.

For the more intrepid kids, the backyard Zipline Kit also from Heart Song will improve kids' strength, athleticism, and balance. Hop on the seat, grab the handles, and away you go!

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