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Sabina, tell our readers about your upbringing, family, and formal education.

I was born in Medellin, Colombia, and raised between Cartagena, Colombia, Barcelona, Spain, and Miami. I spent most of my summers here until moving full-time at 18 to go to Florida International University. My mom's parents are immigrants from Syria and Lebanon, and my father's family is originally from northern Spain. Miami has always been what I considered my true home.

I am a proud journalist and received my degree in the field from Florida International University. I am working towards completing my master’s in political science from the University of West Florida right now. I received my early education at a British international elementary, middle, and high school. So it has been quite a diverse journey! Such as the great melting pot that we call Miami. My father is a dermatologist, and my mother is a teacher and librarian who now works as the CFO of my communications agency.

I have been awarded a scholarship from Gabriel Garcia Foundation and am a published writer. I worked on TV for the past 22 years as a news reporter and anchor specializing in politics covering events at the local, state, and federal levels, including the past three presidential cycles.

How has your experience been as a Miami City Commissioner since you have been elected?

It's been wonderful. It comes to me naturally. You need to be strong, have great communication skills, be able to negotiate, and put your constituents first. We have a wonderful District 2 team of professionals to serve everyone. We put our residents first with weekly open office hours on Wednesdays and mobile offices in each neighborhood. We also have our Ecological, or Eco, Squad beautifying our community and reporting issues such as flooding. In my fires three months as a commissioner, I am proud of several legislative accomplishments, such as urging the county to convert Matilda Street in front of Coconut Grove Elementary into a one-way street (something I hope to have finalized in the coming months), finding the money to expand our city's flood response capability, passing the funding to renovate and improve Morningside Park in a revolutionary environmentally inclusive way and push for the increase in public safety. This is just the start, though—I expect to have many more accomplishments in the coming months and years that will improve the quality of life for our residents, our families, and most importantly, our future which is our children.

We know that besides your role as a commissioner, you also run two successful businesses. Please tell us about them.

I have owned a communications agency and a natural skincare line in partnership with my sister. It is a team effort. My communications agency primarily focuses on projects in Latin America. Meanwhile, my skincare line sells a series of all-natural oils and other products to promote health and wellness when it comes to our skin. The sky's the limit if we find ways to balance family and our wishes and desires as a woman.

How does it feel being a woman of Colombian heritage and having this important role in our community? What message would you like to share with all the mothers and parents in general reading this article?

Colombian American women are strong, determined, and resilient. Being the first Colombian American to have been elected to a City of Miami position is both a great responsibility and an honor at the same time. I wish I could inspire so many more to come and be part of our politics. My three children are engaged with what mom and dad do. That said, they always go first but also understand that their parents need to be happy and productive for them to be raised healthily. Happy parents raise happy children. It is the power of being unstoppable and passionate about each of the details in life. Living in the moment and making the most of it. Perseverance always wins.

You are representing District 2, which is part of Miami, Coconut Grove. What plans do you have for this back-to-school season?

Pedro, 14, will be training soccer; he is a great goalkeeper and starting his high school career at Mast Academy this fall. I am so proud of him and know he will continue to make me proud like my children. Paulo, 10, loves politics, sports, and movies and is entering his 5th-grade year at Coconut Grove Elementary. They were visiting grandparents in Colombia this summer and are back excited to start the next chapter in their education. Carmen, 2, will start school for the first time. She is an active toddler! The city of Miami offers summer camps, and our office is collaborating to make sure they are in great shape. I am so pleased to be blessed with three wonderful children and appreciate the chance to share my story and family with our community as I strive to be the best public servant I can.

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