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Early education could be a challenge when the kids have to study virtually and miss classes at school. The best way to teach our children is by playing and we can reinforce this at home. Some programs like Osmo Genius Starter Kit are used by K-5 teachers in the classroom to teach phonetics, spelling, letter/number recognition, math to young children and it is available to download and to play at home. It has a game called Masterpiece app that teaches fine motor skills. Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night comes with physical pieces that transform kids’ tablets into a hands-on learning tool, where they arrange the games pieces in the physical world to engage with characters on the screen.

As children play, Launch & Learn Language Games by Lakeshore’s action-packed games, push, launch, match—and build vocabulary and language skills! Perfect for preschoolers and 1st-grade students from 3 to 6 years old. Children simply launch titles from the dispenser and place them on the corresponding spots on their game mats…matching rhyming sounds, upper- and lowercase letters, and beginning sounds. Each game comes with a sturdy tile dispenser, 48 wooden tiles and 8 different double-sided game mats—so kids can play again and again!

Touch & Read Phonics Word Match by Lakeshore’s engaging match-ups, children 5 yrs. - 7 yrs. / Kindergarten - 2nd-grade master CVC words, vowel sounds, and blends, and digraphs—one phoneme at a time. Kids just select a word card and touch the textured dots as they say each sound. Then they read the full word—and find its matching picture card!

Some other workbooks that you can get at Staples are ABC Mouse Premium Workbooks, “ I Can Count 1-100” Wipe-off Book Learning Printed Book for Mathematics, Level A Sight Words Pocket Multicolor Flash Card, Trend Enterprises "I Can Print Standard Manuscript" Multicolor Wipe-Off Book, Brighter Child Preschool–Kindergarten Trace Letters as a few examples.

For kids 5 to 10, Osmo Coding Starter Kit is the most popular for the purpose of teaching coding step by step (basic to more advanced) at an age-appropriate pace. Designed for children to learn basic coding concepts including problem-solving, computational thinking, and coding fundamentals, in addition to more complex concepts, such as sequencing, looping, logic thinking, and pair programming.

One of the earliest computerized learning systems from the 70s/80s is Speak & Spell, now back, and just like you remember! The first educational toy designed to help children learn to spell over 200 commonly misspelled words using a speech synthesizer. With multiple play modes and challenge levels, kids will have fun and learn at the same time!

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