How to Get your Child into an Elite Private School

When it comes to the private school admissions process, preparation begins years in advance. While the admissions team is looking for mature, diligent, curious students, the mechanisms to get there start before kids enter the classroom. Strong students start early.

Reading: Make sure your children love it!

Young readers become fast learners. They harbor vast vocabularies, retain keen insights, and excel in information processing. Whatever titles keep the pages turning is what your child should be reading. Reading for pleasure is the backbone of later educational endeavors. Implementing 30 minutes of reading into your child’s daily routine helps form productive habits early on while also limiting screen time.

Interviews: Talking to adults is good practice

A strong and confident handshake with eye contact will be your child’s first impression.

Have your children practice when they meet any adult. Your kids will become comfortable and confident in speaking with adults.

Good Grades

Competitive schools will look to admit top students. “A”s are better than “B”s, so you should encourage the habit of academic success. The key components are being attentive every day in class and taking pride in each assignment.

Test Scores

Many elite private schools still rely on standardized test scores such as the SSAT, ISEE and HSPT. These tests are often not grade-level and can seem insurmountable to children and their families. This is why hiring outside help is such a popular route.

Who Tutors can help

The Admissions process can be overwhelming but Who Tutors can guide your family through any and all stages of the admissions process. We are test experts. We have free content prep on our website and offer 1-on-1 tutoring, small group classes, and online classes to teach students how to hack the admission tests. We teach in a positive, colorful, child-appropriate fashion that builds confident test-takers. Our test-taking strategies have been developed for over a decade. Our “Test Hacks” are memorable and effective.

We can work together to earn your child admission into an elite private school that fits their unique skills and interests. Call, email, or find us on Instagram or Facebook or you can use your camera to scan the QR code to access or website,

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