Heading into Summer? Let’s make a plan!

Have you ever talked to your child about boundaries? Limitations? The common things are easiest. Food, screen time, fun vs. study, and as they age you can get into drugs / alcohol and intimate behavior. These talks are vital, and the younger your child is, the better it is to start having these conversations. It develops trust in you. It also gives you all that you need to connect with them and let them enjoy life a bit too.

As we pass the year mark of COVID in our lives, look back a moment and digest all that you and your family have been through. Things are not changing in the way we all had hoped, so it’s time for us to change.

**If you have never read the book, “Who moved my cheese?” - I encourage you to do so, you can even read it with your kids depending on their age.**

Life has forced change upon us. Maybe this is a sign. Maybe this is what we needed. Maybe it’s what your little angel(s) needed too! Change it up a bit. Do something you’ve never done before, especially in your own city. Ask your child what they want to try or give them three choices.

One of the things my family likes to do, especially on weekdays off from school, is where we make a list of each person’s top 3-5 things they’d like to do. Then we analyze and prioritize the list, even the stuff mommy and daddy don’t really “want” to do. Sometimes making a whole list isn’t an option or perhaps you are not comfortable with some of the choices your children have made or will make… what do you do then?

My wife and I like to give our kids 2-5 choices we are comfortable with and empower them to choose which ones to do or which order we’ll do them all in. You can even start with a web search together of fun things to do. Just these web searches become an opportunity to spend time with one or more of your children as well as teach them about the value of the internet, and its dangers.

More important than anything else is time. Your kids want you, and they want your attention and focus. The best part is, if you give it to them, the gift is really for you. Near the end of my father’s life, he used to buy my sister’s kids and my kids tons of stuff. And while much of the stuff was nice and we used it, it also was excessive. I used to beg him, “Dad, my kids want to be with you and spend time with you. Yeah, they like receiving boxes from UPS and Amazon, but they like seeing you more.” Time is the most precious resource you can learn to provide for your child.

When you are present with your child, empowering them to make wise and confident choices, you are winning (and loving every second of it)!

Happy summer! Let’s go swimming!

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