Easy and Functional Ideas to Store Toys

With children in the house, we are always running out of room. We don’t have room to tuck things away. Purchasing a few storage containers to toss loose toys in can be a great option. Small baskets can be tucked into corners or behind furniture, so the adult space is not cluttered. The Rattan-look storage basket with integrated handles, reinforced corners, a durable lid and scratch resistant Is a good option.

Purchasing multiple plastic tubs for toys is a must for most families. You can buy them in different sizes and label each bin with a word or picture to help your children know what each bin has inside. Bins with lids in a uniform size can be stacked on shelves or closets out of sight. These can typically be purchased at stores like Staples for around $10 to $16, depending on the size. These boxes are constructed for durability and have reinforced sides to increase compression strength, so boxes maintain their shape. A totally flat bottom increases rigidity for stability and allows for perfect stacking with or without a lid. The lockable lid is secured with two latchable handles to protect the contents of the box from dust and water splashes

Make sure you’re making the most of any storage space you have outside of the main living areas. A bed skirt in each bedroom creates a lot of space under the bed for toys and games not currently in use. Organize toys by size and themes so you can stack them and maximize shelves and closet space. Hang mesh bags inside a closet for stuffed animals or balls. In bedrooms, stuffed animals can be in hammocks or wall shelves to keep them off of the floor.

If your children are younger, these bins are super kid friendly, you don’t have to worry about sharp corners, loose pieces, and rough textiles to avoid any unfortunate accidents. If you are going to pick a piece of furniture instead, pay close attention to doors and latches as well, just in case.

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