Making Memories on Father’s Day

The greatest gift my father gave me was that he believed in me. He was by far my biggest supporter, and he always encouraged me to be the best child/person I could be. Unfortunately, he passed away too soon at the age of 62 from heart failure. But fortunately, my sons got to meet him, and because of me, still have memories of him. Father’s Day was always a big, celebrated day in our home, and this year, after two years of COVID, we are planning to make it a special celebration.

I am one of the old dinosaurs that always took hundreds of pictures, developed them and put them in photo albums. I also enlarged many, and the bedroom hallway is filled with framed pictures of four generations. I enjoy pointing out to my grandchildren pictures of their Dad in different stages, when he was only a baby, a small child, a teenager, and finally grown. They ask me many questions that give me the opportunity to tell stories of family history.

As this special day returns again in June, I recall some of the gifts for Father’s Day I gave to my Father as a child. They ranged from the construction paper cards, a hand-made ash tray (he didn’t smoke), an ugly tie, a fart joke book, and a funny barbeque apron. He always expressed delight and said he loved every ridiculous present he received. I always felt that I had succeeded in giving him the best gift. But the real gift he gave to me was his total, complete love.

Whatever you call him: Da-Da, Dad, Daddy, Father, Papa, Pops, Padre, Papi, or Big Daddy, this is the most important man in your life. Following the past two years of isolation and distance, I encourage everyone to re-establish the close connection that will have the most positive impact on your life. I can’t express enough about how proud I am of our four sons, and the gift to me of my blessed grandchildren.

So, get out the construction paper, and make a card for your Father!

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