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Celebrating Mother’s Day with Jessica Pinto, Founder of La Piazza Academy

Jessica, tell us about La Piazza and how the school started.

As a mom and professional working in corporate America, I was searching for a place where I could feel at peace knowing that my daughter was in the right school.

After researching, I found there weren’t many options available. Then I decided to leave a lucrative business career and create my own school.

In 2011, I founded La Piazza Academy, motivated by a vision to provide high-quality education and innovative programming for young children. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy and Miami’s diverse community, the school implements a progressive curriculum practice and a multi-lingual language program (Mandarin and Spanish).

How is your life as a mom and as a professional? What values do you apply to your kid and your "adopted" kids enrolled at La Piazza Academy?

As a mom, I constantly learn about my children as they grow and develop, getting to know their unique personalities and interests so that we can spend meaningful time together.

As a professional, I feel very fulfilled. Through education, I am passionate about positively impacting the lives of the community of La Piazza Academy, where we live the values of respect, compassion, honesty, and service.

What are your personal and professional goals?

I want to strive for a more conscious life to be mentally, physically, and spiritually stronger. I also want to be present for myself and others.

Professionally, we recently opened our franchise model. Our goal is to expand our unique educational approach, nationally and internationally, so we can positively impact the lives of children and families worldwide.

We also created La Piazza Foundation 5 years ago in my home country of Colombia. We provide high-quality education and necessities to children living in extreme poverty. I aim to continue expanding the Foundation’s program and make a difference in the lives of even more children.

What advice can you share with other moms reading this article about following their dreams as a professional without sacrificing their time as parents?

The best advice I can give is to first be compassionate with yourself and take care of your own mental and physical wellness, so you can find a good balance to be present for your loved ones and be successful professionally. My daily practices include meditation, exercising, reading, and listening to podcasts related to my interests.

Why should parents enroll their kids at La Piazza Academy

La Piazza was founded by moms whose primary interest was the well-being of their children. With that foundation in place, we created a school community that fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, socially conscious, compassionate citizens, and where parents can participate actively in their child’s education.

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