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Celebrating Fatherhood: The Impact of Male Role Models on Our Children's Lives

By Diane Landsberg

Every year in June, we celebrate Father’s Day.  It is one day a year that provides us with the opportunity to show appreciation for the impact they have on our children.  It also can be a day to acknowledge any male role model in their lives.


Fathers must actively engage in their children’s lives. Communication and quality time together will model positive behaviors and make a huge difference. Children are more likely to develop better, positive peer relationships and friendships, which is where their self-esteem and self-worth can flourish.


A positive Father or male role model can serve as a guide of inspiration that embodies the traits and behaviors they want to emulate.  These positive models can play an indispensable role in helping boys develop their moral compass.  They can demonstrate the importance of honesty, integrity, and empathy to help create a compassionate society and become a loving, fair, caring young man. Without this, they may look at celebrities and sports stars as their heroes, which can often demonstrate “bad behavior”, frequently generated by the superficial example of great wealth. 


I am proud to state that my grandson has a Father (and Mother) who never misses a practice or game or any opportunity to support their sons.  They focus on spending quality time, creating a ‘teachable moment” whenever it arises. Fortunately, my grandson and basketball star, Jace, has devoted coaches named Al Agon and Huey Ball.  Carlos Lopes, also skilled coach for another basketball star, Kenneth Richey is flourishing under his guidance. 


 The positive impact they have on the children is immense. They are all successful businessmen and fathers, yet they give countless hours to coach, practice, and teach that commitment, dedication, and hard work are fun while being life-changing. I am confident that many young men will develop valuable skills (besides basketball) that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.


 I also want to honor the remarkable fathers who exemplify strength, love, and dedication as caregivers. Salomon Manzur, a devoted father from Peru, embodies unwavering resilience despite facing unimaginable loss. His son, Chalito, bravely battled brain cancer. Although he is no longer with them, Salomon continues to cherish the memories they share while caring for his beloved daughters, Florencia and Mauricio.


 Similarly, Angel Espinosa's selfless devotion to his daughter Julianne Maria, who bravely battles Rett syndrome, is truly inspiring. Angel's unwavering care and support for Julianne, from bathing her to attending her therapies, demonstrate the boundless love of a father.


Also, despite his busy schedule, Carlos Lopez finds time to volunteer as a coach for various youth sports teams, instilling valuable lessons of teamwork and perseverance in his children, Caia and CJ. These fathers exemplify the extraordinary love and commitment that define fatherhood, making them true heroes in their family's and community's eyes.


Congratulations to all Dad’s this year. Your time and love will be imprinted on the hearts of your sons. No matter how tall they grow, they will always look up to you.


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