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If you knew that you could ask a question about your health that was of concern to you or your family to a renowned medical expert, would you take advantage of this opportunity? That is exactly what folks in South Florida and around the country are doing on Doctor Q & A, a new television program on South Florida PBS’ Health Channel. Among the questions which have been asked and answered are: Is childhood obesity a sign of adult obesity and how can you prevent it? If I had COVID, do I still need to get the vaccine? How much protein do I need per kilogram or pound to stay fit? Does the Keto diet have an impact on Alzheimer’s disease? What is normal grief and when should I seek help from a mental health expert? The pandemic has taken a toll on my child…how do I get over this hump and get her back to normal? How much or how little should I share my anxiety with my children?

This unprecedented television program, Doctor Q & A, is connecting viewers to the nation's top medical experts on a daily basis offering everyone the opportunity to get in-depth answers to their health and wellness questions from a trusted source. New episodes of this program are recorded live on Facebook every Tuesday afternoon and broadcast weekly on South Florida PBS’ Health Channel at 7:30 AM, 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM. The programs feature questions from around the country submitted via e-mail, phone, Facebook or video. In each episode, an expert from one of the nation’s top medical institutions joins host Olga Villaverde and addresses viewers’ questions while offering additional resources to access additional information about the subject matter.

To ask your question, all you have to do is state your name and the city where you live followed immediately by the question you would like to pose. You can submit your questions by calling 855-796-4475, sending it via e-mail at or through social media @allhealhtgo and you will receive your response on the Health Channel’s Facebook page @allhealthgo every Tuesday afternoon and on the 24/7 all health all the time, Health Channel broadcasts of Doctor Q & A. So, what are you waiting for? For more information, visit

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