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Are you planting a seed as a mother?

By Nick Bevilacqua

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there. All of you, too, not just the birth mommies. Women play an enormous role in children’s lives. So many women take on the HUGE responsibility of being a step-parent or a part-time parent or a working mom or the school mom or the carpool mom. Especially as our children age into puberty and their teen years… Having another “mom” that you can lean on and ask the questions you don’t want to ask your parents is vital. For me, I had (and still have) a wonderful mother, grandmother, aunts, and instrumental women. Toni Garner, Linda Weilbacher, Rhea Berger, to name a few of those tremendous ladies that affected my life, that did not share my blood but did share a passion and love for me.

My purpose for this is to remind you that whether you are a mommy or not, you are a part-time mommy to one or more, and most likely, many of those “one or more” are children. My other purpose is to thank you! Thank you for accepting your responsibility and showing the younger women the way.

Mother’s Day is near the spring solstice when we begin the mental transition from spring to summer and begin to bear fruit. Our efforts begin to take shape and form themselves into the results of our efforts. Summertime is almost upon us, and our children will spend more time alone and away from the routine of their school lives. Our fruit will ripen, fall off the tree, and ultimately create its own tree to bear its fruit. How well have your fertilized your tree? How much have you helped others fertilize their tree and their fruit?

It is NEVER too late to change your feed or even your soil. Is it time to do a little spring cleaning and enter your summer a little more alone? It is funny how we often hear about getting your summer body in shape, but we don’t hear about getting your summer mind in shape.

For trees and bushes, we prune them, fertilize them, pick the fruit, adjust their light exposure, check for illness, and make sure they can bear the best fruit possible. Are you doing that for your most important asset? Your mind is often the forgotten piece of the puzzle; oddly enough, it is the mind that allows this forgetfulness…

This summer, give yourself a trimming. Prune the bad leaves from your life, and add good food, soil, light, and air. Create space around you, both literally and figuratively. Give yourself the summer you deserve, the summer you’ve been dreaming about. Prepare your fall and winter with a spring/summer cleanse like never before. You can do it. You are worth it. I believe in you. I love you!

Coach Nick

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