An Inspirational Story Behind a High-Risk Pregnancy and a Premature Child

Nicole Goudie, daughter of Coni Goudie, president of Gymboree Play and Music in Miami, was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic at the age of 23. Twelve years later, she was excited when she found out she was pregnant with her first child but nervous because of the diabetes. Nicole went into labor at 28 weeks and gave birth to a premature boy, AJ, who weighed just 2 lbs, 14 oz. Being a new mom is always stressful but adding on complications from a high-risk pregnancy and a premature birth make this story all the more inspiring.

AJ spent the first 2 months of his life in the NICU for 2 months. During this time, Nicole should have been enjoying this new chapter in her life – being a new mom! Instead, she was spending days in the NICU going through a wide range of many emotions and far too many questions. Fortunately, Nicole discovered an organization called “ICU baby,” whose mission is to support families with babies in the NICU. This was a lifesaver for her! She could now talk to people who understood what she was going through and answer her questions!

ICU baby is the largest volunteer based, non-profit organization in Florida. They offer a wide range of services for parents with babies in the NICU.

Nicole and AJ’s Journey

Just one month after leaving the NICU and with the approval of his doctors, AJ started attending Gymboree classes. It was great for Nicole and AJ to participate in “normal” activities with other moms and their newborns. “Now he is totally on target developmentally. I give the credit for this to the outstanding care he received in the NICU and for the stimulation provided from his early involvement in Gymboree” said Nicole.

The Gymboree Miami team is supporting NICU baby’s “HOPE Parade,” a walk with the objective of raising money to support this organization and their mission. The Hope Parade will take place at Tropical Park on November 6th

AJ is now a happy, healthy 3.5 year old and his mom and grandma couldn’t be prouder or more pleased with his development. As a result, Nicole and Coni are starting a “Preemie Family Support” group at Gymboree. This group will meet one evening every month and will be a special time for parents to connect with other parents of preemies and for the children to work on their senses. There will be an opportunity for questions to be answered and experts will provide parents with tips and advice from experts. While dates are yet to be announced, please contact Gymboree Play and Music at 305-476-9500

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