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Advice and Encouragement from Mothers.

By Diane Landsberg.

Being a mother is both the hardest and best role you can ever have.  Unfortunately, guilt and self-judgment rob us of the joy we should experience daily.


How do you describe a mother's love for her child? Mother's love is the purest form of love. It cannot be compared with anything in this universe. Mothers always want the best for their children and will never compromise the quality of things they can offer their little ones. On this upcoming Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate our many accomplishments together.

The truth is, there are tough days for everyone. It may look different, but no mother is perfect. There will be a day when your child puts on what you selected to wear. They will let you brush their teeth and comb their hair, and they will even eat what you serve them. These days may be few and far between, but it will be glorious when it happens.  Those days will remind you that your child doesn’t act like a monster on purpose. They are still trying to figure out the world around them. The few moments of obedience will give you a little boost of confidence to make it another day. 

I interviewed a few mothers and shared their thoughts.

Jennifer, Mom of three teens- F15, M13, M12.

Encouragement: A Mother will only ever be in one of three places with her kids: in front of them to cheer them on, behind them to have their backs, or next to them so they aren’t walking alone.

Advice: In dealing with teens, “Listen more, Lecture less.” Moms, please don’t judge other moms. We need a “tribe” to support each other and help all through this journey.

Bria, 2nd-  year medical school student. Mom of two daughters, ages 3 & 9 months. 

Encouragement: Being gentle with yourself as a mom is so important. The hard work and extra hours you put into ensuring the health and safety of your children will not go unnoticed. I am often faced with demands from many angles with no time to do everything in one day. What I have learned is that everything will be okay. I have had to accept that the difference between earning an 100% on an exam and an 85% meant that one would allow me to spend extra time with my children. I have also had to learn that it is okay to go months without seeing my friends so that any extra free time could be put towards my daughters outside of studying. Motherhood is about sacrifice, but it is beautiful and worth every second. 


Advice: I advise being present with your children and enjoying each moment. Put away phones with social media distractions—close laptop screens with messages awaiting responses. Spending time with your children, show them that they are your priority. Show them that in this world, they can always depend on Mom to be there for them.


Esther, grandmother of Sean,  autism spectrum

Advice: stay aware of the services available and fight to get those services. If in a school setting. Visit the school - if something does not seem right, it must be corrected. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from family and good friends. It is not an easy job. But if family and friends do not accept your child for who she/he is - there is nothing wrong with not including them in your circle. Making fun of a disability or comparing a child with another is not good for any kid, but especially a special one.



Difficult days will happen; hang in there!  Babies don’t arrive with a manual; you make mistakes. You learn. You love unwavering and unconditionally. I guarantee you will never look back on your life and say, “I spent too much time with my kids.”

 “ You can have it all, just not all at once” - Oprah

“You don’t have to be perfect, to be amazing”. Unknown


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