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October 1, 2020

Books Review





Completely Me 

The Author Justine Green.


 This is  a powerful story about a little girl who never noticed there was something different about herself, until others pointed it out instead. When she stands up for herself, the people around her learn the important lesson of self-acceptance, that everyone is different in their own unique ways, and that those imperfections are what make you perfect.  Completely Me was truly a labor of love for Justine, who poured her own story into every page in the book. 


















In My World

The Authors Tizina Vazquez and Gabriella Llano. 


The story is about Mika, a nine-year-old girl that sees the world differently than anyone else. Even though she is going through what every girl may one-day face, fighting with her best friend and feeling like an outcast, she is not like every other girl. Her mother, Ava and brother, Javi stand by her side while Mika struggles endlessly to feel normal, when instead she must embrace her uniqueness. Children with Down syndrome, like Mika, are angels that help us see the world with our hearts, instead of our eyes.












Slay Your Day: How to get more done, become ultra productive and unlock your full potential! 

The Author, Sandra Glandt. 


Too many women have been made to feel guilty about wanting to have a fulfilling family life, enjoy meaningful personal relationships, and achieve professional success. For too many decades women have been told they can’t have it all. 

The truth is that women can have it all,but trying to do it without the right tools and support can lead to epic failure. In Slay Your Day, Sandi shares the strategies and tactics that have worked not only in her own life, but also in the lives of the countless women she has coached. By adopting the right mindset and using the right tools, any ambitious woman can learn how to get more done, become ultra-productive, and unlock their full potential. 














Good Girl or Bad Girl: 

The author Hinna Akhtar. 


 Hinna’s books, “Good Girl or Bad Girl” and “Lily’s Little Friend connect with the children by understanding that we can all be heroes. When coming across

challenging situations, Lily the dog  never falls short of her morals. Hinna hopes that through her books, children can be motivated and have the desire to help people just as Lily would.


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