Understanding what is ADHD…

August 1, 2020


As teachers meet new students every year, they encounter many challenges. One of those challenging issues that I have encountered as a preschool teacher is having worked with children that have ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder).


These children demonstrated a lack of concentration, having hyperactivity and impulsivity in a classroom setting. Students with ADHD can create disruption in the classroom or challenges with their schoolwork.


Children with ADHD can benefit from study skills instruction, changes to the classroom setup, alternative teaching techniques and a modified curriculum.


As a Preschool teacher, I would like to emphasize that in a Pre-school environment, your education will help teach the lessons but having the experience with patience and compassion will allow you to endure the exhaustive process. Most importantly, adaptation of my lessons was a key factor in order to accommodate children with ADHD. These children learn best in a small setting classroom that allows more one on one teaching. When students were diagnosed with ADHD, an IEP (Individual Educational Plan) was created for their educational needs. This plan was uniquely accommodating for each individual student. Some of the recommendations for children with ADHD, was extra time on tests or completing their assigned work, shorter assignments, and allowing breaks or time to move around.


The right school with the proper accommodations can improve children with ADHD and their academic success, thus providing these children with the same opportunity as their peers. This gives parents essential support while providing their children a stronger self-esteem, that will help them become a confident and well-adjusted adult in the future.


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