Dealing with Uncertain Times

August 1, 2020


We are headed back to school this fall…? Right? I find myself praying this is the
weirdest thing my children will ever have to experience. Trying to parent is
difficult enough, headed back to school can be difficult enough; however, this year,
2020 decided to mix in a Covid-19 pandemic and social and racial issues and
awareness to the likes the world has never seen before. WOW!!! Where do we go
from here? How do we get to some kind of normal? What is normal now? What is
safe now?

Those are just a few questions that are running through my mind as I begin to look
forward to the start (or is it re-start) of school in the fall… um, like 1 month away,
like wow…

I decided to pick the brain of one of the best people I’ve ever met on the subject of
schooling (and many others) as her 40+ years as an educator and 20+ as an
administrator qualifies her well. She also happens to be a mother of 3 and a
grandmother of 5. And… she is my mom too ;)
Although I might be biased, I think she came up with some pretty amazing

I. What curriculum has been designed to transition children back following the
long closing of schools?
II. Will teachers and other instructors be prepared to assist these children?
A. To council them?
B. Identify their needs?
III. What is the plan to address the long absence?
Some other questions come to mind too:

IV. What if there is another spike this year?
V. What if I don’t feel comfortable sending my child to school?
VI. Is virtual school available?
VII. Is there some other type of distance learning?
My wife and I have three munchkins. We are navigating through this time and
frankly we are unsure of many things. Our children attend different schools and all
three schools have rolled out their “Return to School” plan; however, we feel there

are so many unknowns and still several risks at play for our children and our

I would rather be letting you know where the best deal on pens and pencils are
instead of masks and hand sanitizer. This is our reality for now and it would serve
your children and your family best if you found a way to settle in and add some
necessary stability. Complaining about any situation doesn’t solve anything and
think about what it shows your kids. Worrying about a situation doesn’t solve
anything and think about what it shows your kids. The flip side of all of this is
depression and anxiety are very real things and ever present. They tend to show up
more in times like this. The angst you may be feeling is normal and you are not
alone. Please seek some help if you find yourself here. I am confident support
groups are all over places like Facebook. You can also reach out for some
professionally trained help from a licensees therapist. At the very least, share your
feelings with your spouse and your best friends, that is what they are there for.
In these truly trying times and the likes the world has not ALL felt since World
War II, from my family to yours, we love you and we are praying for you. Stay
safe, stay calm, stay smart.

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