A Father’s Day Blessing to Our Wonderful Dads

June 9, 2020



Dear Dad,

Happy Father’s Day! My gift for you today is more of a wish, like when you blow out
your candles. I wish for you today, and each day hereafter, to slow down your busy
schedule a bit. Maybe you can even learn to smell a flower or appreciate its beauty.
What if you slowed down just enough to hear my laugh, in a way no one else on earth
can hear it? You see Dad, I don’t wish these wishes for me, I wish them for you. The joy
you will feel, the present you will receive from your presence is the gift Dad. You are my
hero dad! I want to be just like you, and I will be, just like you.

I love you Dad!


Imagine if we could slow down a minute and smell the coffees or flowers or their hair…?
Our children need us dads. They require someone to show them how to treat a woman,
how to respect all women the way YOU respect their mother. See, that’s the trick dads,
the trick is our kids do what we do, not what we say OR what we want them to do. They
call “fraud” on us all the time by our “do what we say, not what we do” attitude. We can
do this dads. We are dads. It’s what dads do. YOU GOT THIS!

From my heart to yours, if you are a father or a pseudo father or play a father figure role
in a child’s life (or children), HAPPY FATHER’S DAY and I love you mucho mucho!

Keep up the work, it is so important!

Peace and thanks.


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