A Different Father’s Day This Year

June 9, 2020


COVID-19 has forced us to isolate at home with our families. Having children home from school
and parents working from home has required us to redesign our home life, especially for
Fathers. I have a few questions:

 Did you participate in home schooling your children?
 How did you spend your days?
 What new skills did you learn?
 Most memorable event with your children?

Your children will honor you on Father’s Day with a card and possible a small gift. I suggest for
this year that you give them a gift of your history which makes you who you are. Select a
special time and comfortable location. There are no rules except honesty and any additional
questions from your children are welcome. A cell phone can be present, but only for the
purpose of recording the conversation.

The following questions are examples to get the conversation started. Select the ones that are
age and situation appropriate for your family:

 Why did you marry mom?
 What is the best part of being a Father?
 Are there skills your Father shared with you that you are doing with your own children?
 What is the most important thing you can teach me?
 What memories do you want your children to have from this experience of home
 Why did you choose my name?
 What was your first job?
 Are you proud of me? Why?
 If your friends could describe you with three characteristics, what would they be?
 What is the most serious or important decision you ever had to make?
 Why did you select your profession?
 What makes you the most angry?
 Who is your hero?
 What are you most thankful for?
 What is the worst thing someone said to you?
 Were you ever teased or bullied at school?
 Did a teacher ever pick on you or single you out? Why? What did you do?
 Were you smart in school?
 Most embarrassing situation?
 What was your best subject?
 What were you most scared of as a kid?
 What sports were you good at?

 Do you ever cry?
 Best vacation?
 What super power would you pick?

After going through some of these, not only will your children know more about you, you might
learn a few valuable things about yourself. Happy Father’s Day!

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