Children learn by playing. This Christmas give your child a toy with a purpose.

November 30, 2019


There are many attractive options in the market when buying a toy for your children. In
general, there are certain characteristics that we always look for: quality, durability,
appearance, and affordable price. But the most important characteristic that we forget is
if the toy can provide education and if it offers stimulation for their development.
Today there is a wide variety of toys for all ages, from babies to teenagers and adults.
When we are trying to select the right toy, we must take into consideration the age of
our little one prior to purchasing it, and ask ourselves when we give them that toy, what
do we want to achieve? Or what can we achieve with the toy?


It is important that parents know about the multiple benefits of toys and games in the
development of children's social and emotional skills. Balancing between video games
and traditional games plays a very important role in contributing to the
learning process that every child requires. If you forget to insist on the importance of
creating and maintaining game habits and the use of toys in your routine, and you stick
only to new technologies by allowing and reinforcing only the use of technological
resources, you are conditioning their childhood. It is proven that many children who
lack social skills and emotional interaction is due to the lack of play and interaction with
other children. These skills are learned and practiced in the day-to-day experience of
playing with other children. If our children are not playing or interacting, how are they
going to learn these skills?
Focus this 2020 on dedicating time to your children and promoting play at home as a
matter of quality rather than quantity. The best memories of your children will be
moments and not things. Raise them to play and also motivate them to use toys which
are both important resources for every child's early growth.

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