An Interview with Meteorologist Vivian Gonzalez

November 30, 2019


1. Vivian, tell us about your upbringing and formal education

I am born and raised in Miami, Florida (“the 305”) /South Florida.
My family is Cuban and they left their native country to live the American dream.
They were completely dedicated to working hard and devoted to their family. They
always made it a point to make sure we were together, like spending summers at the
beach, going to Disney World and to Florida Marlins baseball games.  
I attended Roblanca Academy in Hialeah, Monsignor Edward Pace High School in
Miami Gardens and graduated from Florida International University and Mississippi
State University with a degree in Geography in environmental sciences and
 2.  Did you know you wanted to be a meteorologist at a young age?

Most people don't even know what career path they want to take until later in life and
probably change majors in college a few times. At the age of 7 and ever since I can
remember, weather was my calling. I was always fascinated by cloud patterns, the
wind, and waves at the beach. In fact, some of my best memories were spending
Summers at the beach with family and friends. I had a sand pale in one hand and a
plastic sand shovel in the other as my microphone as I reported the weather.
There is even some home video footage of me signing off with Channel 7 News!  
 3. How do you feel living in a city like Miami and being a meteorologist where the
weather changes so often?

I feel blessed to serve my community and it is a responsibility I don't take lightly. Most
anchors, reporters and meteorologist usually get their start in a small market and I
have been given the opportunity to work in a major market, my hometown!  This is
proof that dreams do come true. South Florida weather can change rapidly and my
understanding of our patterns is an advantage, especially when severe weather hits.  
4. Every year must be a challenge during hurricane season. How do you prepare for
your TV role?

Before hurricane season starts, we have meetings with forecasters from The National
Weather Service of Miami and get briefed by experts from The National Hurricane
Center on pattern trends, changes and how they think it will impact the season. We
also come together with the station managers and radio partners to discuss plans in
case a storm threatens South Florida.
There is always more pressure during hurricane season and the most challenging part
is to present the forecast in an easy to understand fashion. We use different tools to
keep the public safe and informed and I like to use social media. My goal is to make
sure I'm accessible to everyone. I'm here for YOU!  



5. How did you meet your husband?


I met my husband through family. We knew each other years before we even started
dating. One day back in 2008, we were both single and hit it off.  It was easy from the
beginning. We even skipped the whole step of having to meet the family because we
all knew each other. That took a lot of pressure off and the rest is history.  
6. What are the challenges of raising your daughter while having to be at work so
early in the morning?
My husband has always supported my big weather dreams and I must say raising our
daughter with such demanding work schedules and hours is a team effort. Some
mornings, the struggle is real. However, I must say for a working mother, this is the
best schedule. Once the noon show is over, I get to spend most of the afternoon and
early evening with my daughter. I treasure that time with her.  
7. What are your family Christmas traditions? 

Our family traditions include gathering together in one of our homes for Noche Buena.
Everyone has their specialty dish that they bring and one of those is the lechon
(roasted suckling pork).

On Christmas Day, we make a huge breakfast that includes leftovers and meet at my
home to open up the gifts. It's really an all day affair! 



8. What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and working out. We enjoy
taking Emma to a park, doing art projects, playing with Brownie our miniature
schnauzer, and sitting together to have a meal. Our favorite meal is breakfast. If you
ask Emma what is her favorite food? She will say pancakes and syrup and mac n'
Another thing I like to do is get a workout in before my work day gets started. It
improves my overall mood and energy.
Leading a healthy lifestyle, has helped me in so many aspects. 
9. What are your goals for the next year?

My goals for next year include staying healthy, growing professionally while serving my
community, and expanding our family.

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